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The following are Cayuga toolboxes:
NOTE: You may get compact guides for using our software by clicking here.

1. ADMAT 2.0 -- This toolbox effectively computes the first and second derivatives including gradients, Jacobians, Hessians, and related structures of a nonlinear function defined by a Matlab program or M-file. Using sophisticated techniques, ADMAT 2.0 exploits sparsity structure and directly calculates Newton steps for nonlinear systems efficiently and accurately.


2. Cayuga Global Optimizer (CGO) -- This powerful toolbox combines several technologies to search for global optimizers for continuous optimization problems. It is strongly recommended that CGO is used in conjuction with ADMAT 2.0 Professional to take advantage of the full spectrum of capabilities and functionalities available.


3. Parallel Cayuga Global Optimizer (PCGO) -- This toolbox is a parallel version of Cayuga Global Optimizer.


4.  Predictive Advanced Nonlinear Diagnostic Analyzer (PANDA) is a set of tools and processes built on scalable technology to solve a wide range of challenging real-world problems, such as classification, ranking, detection, clustering and semi-supervised learning, feature selection, collaborative filtering and adaptation. PANDA utilizes specialized and novel techniques in line with state-of-the-art developments. PANDA is designed for use in a MATLAB environment. 

Please use the following table to download our toolboxes from us. Our software is available free of charge for up to one year.


Click the links below to download our toolboxes

 ADMAT 2.0
 Cayuga Global Optimizer
 Parallel Cayuga Global Optimizer