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About Cayuga Research

Our firm is composed of experienced research analysts and developers based in Waterloo,Ontario. We have broad experience in basic applied optimization research with over 100 research publications and several published software packages, as well as years of experience in industrial consulting and collaboration. Our industry collaboration work has spanned several industries - from computational finance to engineering design to port optimization. Typically our work involves developing more efficient and reliable optimization methods and implementations to solve complex and practical optimization problems.

We are optimization experts - experts in the design and application of optimization strategies to increase process efficiency, and provide predictive analytic tools to help in both decision making and identification of unusual patterns of activity. We are accompished in designing complex optimization systems, and we are experienced in increasing the efficiency and accuracy of current optimization procedures.

We can collaborate both remotely and in-house. We have high-performance computing experience including work with GPUs for numerical acceleration. Typically we develop our codes in MATLAB; however, we also have bench strength in C, C++, C#, and Fortran.