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Cayuga Research

Cayuga ResearchTM is a consulting company focused on the development and implementation of advanced optimization methods. We work with clients to develop complete optimization solutions to industrial problems. These target industries vary widely, from financial services, mortgage and default companies, and insurance companies, to logistics and transportation, and engineering design. Our clients include leading Wall Street investment banks, engineering and manufacturing companies, and major port operators. Cayuga Research operates internationally, including active clients and partners in New York, Toronto, the Middle East, and Asia.

Our specialty is developing sophisticated optimization solutions to complex modeling problems that occur across various industries. We are experts in the design and application of optimization strategies that increase process efficiency. We provide predictive analytic and data-mining tools to help in both decision making and the  identification of unusual patterns of activity. We are accomplished in designing complex optimization systems, and we are experienced in increasing the efficiency and accuracy of current optimization procedures.

In addition to collaborative consulting work, Cayuga Research also offers some in-house optimization tools that are designed to work in the MATLAB environment. 


Cayuga's PANDA ranks 4th out of 1660 teams in the Heritage Health Provider Network Competition

In 2006 over $30 billion was spent on unnecessary hospital admissions in the United States. In an effort to address this extraordinary challenge, the Heritage Provider Network (HPN) https://www.heritagehealthprize.com/, sponsored a global incentivized competition. The objective: to create an algorithm that uses patient data to predict hospitalizations. The competition ran for two years (ending April 4,2013) with a grand prize of $3 million. It attracted over 1600 teams with participants from various disciplines around the world, including data scientists, biostatisticians, physicians, engineers, industry players.